coconut oilvirgin coconut oil

At Groovy, we always insist on the best, which is why we only source the finest, handpicked coconuts. Then, using traditional methods, we cold press the crisp white flesh to squeeze out the delicious organic oil to create our exceptional, unrefined virgin coconut oil. 

Our oil is processed on certified organic plantations using innovative technology to produce a high quality oil that doesn't contain any trans fatty acids. It may go from solid to liquid depending on temperature when it is stored, but this has no affect on the taste or nutritional value - it's a very stable oil. 

Our coconut oil is cholesterol free, and naturally contains around 50% lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid, which has been proven to be beneficial to the body as it is used immediately as energy, rather than stored as fat. Lauric acid has also been shown to kill bacteria, as well as in cell regeneration and is also reportedly to help reduce the feeling of hunger because it helps your body to maintain a healthy metabolism.

There is a lot of current research going on with coconut oil and learning of the benefits lauric acid can have in our diets. We will continue to keep you updated with its uses and benefits through our blog. 

omega cool oilomega high five oilomega oils

Research has shown that by increasing our intake of essential fatty acids (EFA’s, the good fats) in the right ratio, our bodies experience a wide variety of health benefits. Our omega cool oil and high five oil can help support your balance of omega 3, 6 and 9, which contain properties that may help maintain brain function, a healthy heart, bendy joints, great skin and energy levels.

Each of the oils contain a blend of organic freshly pressed seed oils in the right ratio's to ensure your body gets the right amount of the three Omegas.

Our high five cooking oil is blended with avocado oil which has been proven to cope with very high heating temperatures before breaking down, this makes it a perfect oil for frying or roasting foods at high heats.

The cool oil has been specially blended with flaxseed, which has been shown to have additional antioxidant properties, which has been widely reported to contribute to the protection against cancer and heart disease. Because of the super flax seed, which is very sensitive to light and heat, cool oil should not be heated but should be used cold as a dressing or over salads or whizzed into a smoothie.

agave light and darkagave nectar

Our delicious agave nectar is harvested from the organic Blue Webber agave plant in Mexico. The core of the plant is crushed and the nectar is released and then filtered. At no point in the process are enzymes or chemicals used in producing the Groovy Agave. Agave has 25% fewer calories than refined sugar and is naturally much sweeter (almost twice as sweet) and so much less needs to be used to achieve the same sweetness.

It has a naturally low GI of 17, meaning the energy release is slow and steady as opposed to refined sugars which can cause the notorious sugar highs and lows.

Agave will only sweeten food and does not leave a bitter or funny after taste -yum.  Making it a useful alternative to sugar in hot drinks and a wide variety of dishes. Our rich and dark agave has been heated for slightly longer to give a richer maple syrup like flavour which is useful for using in baking or any recipe that calls for brown sugar.

Agave also has a very low freezing point and so is also great as a sugar alternative in chilled desserts and icecreams. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Mmm. Why not try some today?