Our organic omega cool oil

What is cool oil?

Cool oil is simply a blend of organic, cold-pressed flax, hemp pumpkin and evening primrose. It offers a balance of the essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, in a 2:1 ratio....considered the optimum ratio for the body's needs and provides an ideal alternative to oily fish. Our bodies cannot make omega 3 and 6 but desperately needs them to function at cellular level.

Therefore we have to get them from our diet. Oily fish and fish capsules will give you plenty of omega 3, but not enough omega 6 and it is the balance of these two that cool oil offers and it seems to be hitting the spot for many. It is not a health gimmick or even a supplement, cool oil is simply a food.

Are the seed oils used in cool oil cold pressed?

The seed oils used in cool oil are indeed virgin cold pressed. This means that no heat or solvents are used to get the oils out of the seeds. They are simply pressed using a cold pressing machine to extract the oil. By doing it this way you keep all of the good stuff in and you get maximum health benefits!

As a result of this question, we have recently updated the label to include the words "cold pressed".

How much should I take?

There are no absolute figures for RDA for cool oil as it is simply a food made from seed oils. However, manufacturer's recommendations suggest that children from 1yrs to 12 yrs be given between 1 and 2 teaspoons of cool oil a day, added to food. For adults we recommend taking about a tablespoon a day, but again bear in mind that cool oil is simply a food and taking a little more or less will do no harm.

Our organic agave nectar

What is agave nectar?

Agave nectar is a natural fructose sweetener extracted from the agave plant of Mexico.

Where does agave nectar come from?

On a hillside in Mexico lives a spiky blue plant known as the Blue Webber agave plant. Agave nectar comes from this plant’s pineapple-shaped middle, called the piñas.

How much agave nectar should I use?

Both the amber and mild and rich and dark agave nectar can be used in baking. Agave is sweeter than sugar and as a guideline we recommend using around a third less in recipes, just weigh it out on the scales or by spoon if you are working in spoon measurements. So, 600g of sugar would be replaced by 400g of agave nectar.

It is also recommended that you cook on a slightly lower temperature. However, various trials have shown that ovens vary a great deal so it can be a bit of trial and error before baking is perfected. We can confirm though, that our attempts at baking various cakes, cookies and deserts have proved agave to be an improvement on sugar in many cases.

Bread especially is more moist and tasty than our usual homemade bread and cookies and cakes have a fabulous lightness to them.


Our organic virgin coconut oil

Do children or monkeys harvest the coconuts that you use in your organic virgin coconut oil?

The Groovy Food Company categorically confirm that this practise does not go on within our supply chain.  We are an ethically responsible business and are members of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. This is a not for profit organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practises in global supply chains. For further information on SEDEX please visit www.sedexglobal.com