agave nectar

agave light and dark

Yummy, a delicious natural alternative to sugar. Our organic agave nectar (ah-gah-vay) is available in a choice of amber and mild, or dark and rich, now you can reach for the sweetest nectar, knowing it’s better for you.

You will find our organic agave nectar amber and mild is the ideal replacement for white sugar, while the dark and rich is great in place of brown sugar. And because agave nectar is so much sweeter than sugar, you can use a third less. Great news for your waistline!

On a hillside in Mexico, lives a spikey blue plant known as the Blue Webber agave plant. In the centre, is a heart shaped middle called the pinas. It is from here that the locals carefully extract the silky white juice. They then filter it, heat it a little and wait – you can’t rush the good stuff. After some time, the milky white juice turns into agave nectar concentrate. Just pure agave plant nectar. Nothing else at all! And this is why it’s so prized.

It has a fantastically low GI (Glycemic Index) of only 27, which means it won’t yo-yo your energy levels like sugar can.

To store simply keep in your kitchen cupboard, where it will be fine for at least 3 years … but once you open it, you may find it has a tendency to disappear rather quickly!

agave nectar amber and mild

AG Light Amber Mild

Our amber and mild agave nectar is a tongue-jinglingly delicious, sweeter than a honey-bee’s breakfast, 100% organic, natural fat-free sweetener – WOW!

Runnier than honey, our amber and mild agave is great for sweetening hot or cold foods and drinks. Perfect with cereals, toast or hot drinks, you can also use it in salad dressings, cakes and sauces. Because of its sweet yet mild taste, you’ll also find it will enhance flavours, not mask them.

So, whenever you would have previously used sugar, you can now use agave – and experiment for yourself, we’re sure you’ll find yourself reaching for that bottle from the cupboard more and more.

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agave nectar rich and dark

Agave Nectar dark final grande

Our rich and dark agave nectar is a smooth, maple-like syrup, which is delectably sweet, 100% organic and fat-free. Dark and tempting, it’s too good to resist.

As a rule of thumb, use this rich syrup whenever you would use brown sugar or maple syrup. It’s great on ice cream and in yoghurts and smoothies. You’ll also find it’s perfect for marinades, hot drinks, baking and even spread on a thick slice of freshly buttered toast. In fact, you’ll find more uses for it than we could list here … but that’s half the fun, finding out for yourself just how versatile it is!

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