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Gizzi Erskine's Top Tips on Cooking with our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Brand Ambassador, Gizzi Erskine, Shares her Top Tips on Cooking with our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ve been using organic virgin coconut oil for a long time now, it’s good to see that it’s moved out of the health food shops and become a kitchen staple across the country. It’s a really versatile oil to cook with, its’ delicious flavour profile, adds another dimension to dishes that complement the mild, fragrant coconut flavour. I use it in baking, rich curries or even to help bind and thicken shakes or smoothies.

As we’re probably all familiar in our less-than-sunny British climes, coconut oil solidifies at room temperature. So when I’m baking recipes, such as my favourite fudge cake, I keep a jar of The Groovy Food Company’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in a warm place next to my hob in the kitchen so its consistency is soft and ready to use.

Another time saving trick when using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is to warm it up so it liquefies completely, then pour into an ice tray and place in the fridge. Once set, you can remove the cubes of coconut oil and store them in a kilner jar in the fridge so they’re ready to use as individual pre-measured portions, super useful when you’re cooking stir-fries or soups for example.    

It’s great that more people are getting savvy about selecting the highest quality, organic ingredients. It can be confusing to know which oils to pick – I always use high grade Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Oil by The Groovy Food Company because it is produced using fresh, raw coconuts that are handpicked before being cold pressed, meaning that the natural goodness and fresh flavour profile sings through.

Having confidence in the provenance of the ingredient means I can use it for creating dishes that have delicate and complex flavour combinations, for example when pan frying spice rubbed fish like cod and monkish. I also find that coconut oil marries very well with Asian dishes, when used as a base for Thai curries or for preparing chicken for a delicious satay salad.”

The Groovy Food Company has teamed up with renowned chef, author and TV personality Gizzi Erskine to create a variety of innovative and easy to follow recipes that showcase how The Groovy Food Company’s wide selection of alternatives to refined and processed cupboard staples can be incorporated in the kitchen.

To view the full collection Gizzie Erskine recipes please visit our recipe section.


About Gizzi Erskine:

Gizzi Erskine is a chef, TV personality and the author of several bestselling cookbooks, including Gizzi's Kitchen Magic (2010) and Skinny Weeks and Weekend Feasts (2013). She is also notable for hosting Cookery School; Drop Down Menu; Cook Yourself Thin; and several other British television culinary programs.    

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