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How I Look After Myself When I am Not Cooking

Lisa Roukin takes us through how she looks after herself when she's not cooking

Here at Groovy HQ, we can’t get enough of Lisa Roukin, author and private chef.  We love her style of cooking and use of natural ingredients. As somebody who is incredibly busy, day to day, juggling the needs of her business and writing a second cook book, we wanted to find out how Lisa unwinds when she’s not in the Kitchen.  We’re all guilty of not taking time out for ourselves, so let’s get inspired by Lisa in the following guest blog edit.

First and foremost, I always like to ensure that I can get as much exercise done as possible. Like anything in my life, it’s all about moderation. Exercise to me is vital to keep my body in shape as I am constantly recipe testing or eating some of my lovely creations so I use exercise as a means to keep my weight balanced. I love running because it allows me to be in touch with the outdoors and I often visit one of my favourite spots for my runs which is Kenwood in North London. The views are spectacular and the thoughts that come into my mind whilst running play a vital role in the things I need to get done throughout the day.

I love to spend time on my own although I very much enjoy being with my friends and family, spending quality time eating out and enjoying someone else’s culinary expertise.

In the winter months, there is nothing better than booking a ticket to the cinema and switching off from the outside world.

One of my other favourite past times is indulging in a weekend away at a health club where again I can really switch off and enjoy quality time away from my hectic lifestyle. Nothing beats having a massage although these luxuries are few and far between so you will often find me at home creating a spa-like atmosphere.



Learning to switch off and creating a tranquil setting at home is a skill that allows you to slow down and be peaceful within your own surroundings. One of my indulgent moments at home involves having a bath with coconut oil (The Groovy Food Company). Coconut oil is so diverse in its benefits; not only just from cooking, it’s a fantastic moisturiser and with my hair tied up and a couple of slices of cucumber on my eyes with the intense scent of coconut, one would think I had been transferred to a Caribbean island.

I am very much a naturistic person who believes in plant based medicine so whether my bath is filled with coconut oil, magnesium salts or epsom salts, there’s plenty of ways to naturally heal the body when you just need some time out to re charge and re coup.

Warm regards,

Lisa Roukin

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