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SPOTLIGHT: Organic Agave Nectar

Find out more about our organic agave nectar.

Mexico is famous for its native Blue Webber Agave plant. It takes the name from its blue hue, which can be seen for miles and miles, as it flourishes in the hot, dry conditions that Mexico can offer. 

Did you know that the Blue Webber Agave plant can take up to seven years to grow, and can reach up to two metres tall? Pretty impressive. The plant also grows into huge succulents, with spikey fleshy leaves to protect itself from predators.

Once it reaches maturity it is harvested by hand, which is done by cutting out the heart of the plant or the pinas. Once the pinas from the plants have all been harvested, they are transported to a factory where they are crushed and the agave sap is extracted. The sap is then gently heated, refined and filtered using water hydrolysis only to ensure the highest quality and purity. At no stage are chemicals, enzymes or high heating processes used.

The inulin and fructose levels within our agave nectars are at the levels that occur naturally in the plant. Agave nectar also has a low GI count, and is slowly absorbed into the body reducing the highs and lows associated with consuming sugary food and drink. As well as having approximately 25% less calories gram for gram, it is also 1.5 times sweeter, so you can use far less to get the same sweetness (and reduce your calorie intake by up to 50%!). 

The Groovy Food Company agave nectar is 100% natural and comes from organic plantations which are farmed in line with the Soil Association accreditation scheme here in the UK. 


We have two delicious varieties: 

Amber & Mild which is golden in colour, delivering a natural sweetness, which is great stirred in to hot & cold drinks or added to any dish, cake or bake. 

Rich & Dark is intensely sweet with a richer flavour profile similar to maple syrup or cane sugars. Perfect for baking and drizzling over pancakes, porridge or toast. For recipe ideas using agave nectar, please visit our recipe section.

Available from Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Booths and Ocado with an RRP £2.50)


Groovy Fact: The Blue Webber Agave plant is cultivated primarily for the tequila industry, the main base ingredient in tequila. It is also the highest grade agave. Cheers to that!

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