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Alesha Dixon Collaborates with The Groovy Food Company

Guest Edit By Alesha Dixon on Keeping Balanced


Having a busy work life I always strive to lead as balanced a life as possible through adopting a natural and holistic approach to wellbeing by eating healthily, using natural beauty products, exercising regularly and getting lots of sleep.


I like to make sure my body is fuelled with as much goodness as possible in the morning and eating right is an important part of this. To keep looking and feeling as best as I can, I try to stick to a healthy diet that cuts out refined sugars and processed foods. Obviously, it’s OK to have the odd treat once in a while, but ultimately life and eating is all about balance!


Ahead of a busy day, I like to indulge in a holistic approach to my morning in order to make sure I am ready for the day ahead. My favourite way to start the day is with a large bowl of porridge with a drizzle of The Groovy Food Company’s Dark Organic Agave Nectar added for sweetness, it has a low GI which gives me a steady release of energy throughout the day. This fuels me for a workout, which I do three times a week, splitting my regime between cardio and weight training. I also like to do a bit of Yoga once a week to reduce stress through learning how to breathe deeply and feel more relaxed.  I find a positive morning routine, starting with a hearty breakfast, followed by exercise helps me feel more balanced for the day ahead. It also helps me adopt a more mindful approach to the rest of my day.


As well as looking after myself and having my own healthy routine, it is also important for me that my daughter’s mind set and wellbeing is the best it can be. Azura has a diet that contains few processed and refined foods already but keeping to this diet can be hard with the many products out there that contain hidden ingredients, that can be detrimental to children’s health.  We especially love baking together and through using natural, whole ingredients, I try and make unprocessed versions of some of Azura’s favourite treats like cookies, cakes.


I am also obsessed with coconut so using natural and organic ingredients like The Groovy Food Company Virgin Coconut Oil is an absolute must have when cooking as the brand is a trusted source that uses high-quality ingredients. Studies I have read have shown that virgin coconut oil can aid digestive health and the immune system, which is so important for children too. Not only is the oil versatile to cook with, as you can fry, roast and bake with it, it also tastes amazing and definitely compliments the style of cooking that I love the most, such as Jamaican food and spices.


Lastly, adopting a natural beauty regime is part of my approach to wellbeing. As well as using organic coconut oil for cooking, I use a lot of it in my hair and skin as it is so pure and natural and keeps everything moisturised and feeling super soft. Did you know it also doubles up as a great make up remover! 


A good night’s sleep is crucial to being the best “you” and looking your best, and I try to channel this from within. My go to drink before bed is hot water with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of The Groovy Food Company Agave Nectar that acts as a natural sweetener, which I also like to drink first thing in the morning to get my metabolism going! Ultimately, my secrets to a successful holistic approach to leading a good healthy happy life are: a healthy balanced diet, fitness, mindfulness, keeping your beauty regime as natural as possible, good sleep, waking up with a positive attitude and most importantly, being in the present moment.

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