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Isaac Carew Unveiled as the new Brand Ambassador for The Groovy Food Company

Isaac Talks Honest Food & Happiness

Honest food for me is making tasty food that can be shared with my friends and family and finding the best ingredients for what you can afford. It doesn’t have to be complicated, gourmet or expensive, but soul-satisfying by making it with as much love as possible. The perfect example of honest food is The Groovy Food Company. Their range of affordable, high quality products add a lot of flavour even to the simplest recipes. I’ve been a fan of the brand for years so I’m super excited to be their new ambassador.

 Food has the power to bring people together but can also take away the stress of life. I find cooking so therapeutic and get so engrossed in it that I find myself getting quite lost in the experience – in a good way! I love using my hands in the kitchen and whilst I’m focussing on cooking, it helps me take my mind off things so food is my happy therapy.

I love using fresh, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced, which is why I use The Groovy Food Company’s range of ethically sourced products. My favourite is their Omega High Five Oil as it’s a blend of five different oils from camelina oil to avocado and toasted sesame seed oil, which gives a unique and delicious nutty flavour to food. Omegas also have loads of benefits for your body and mind so I’ve taken omega tablets for ages, but have started using this oil as a daily supplement instead as it’s full of healthy omegas 3-6-9 and Vitamin E.

My other personal favourite ingredients are basil, parsley, (which I think is highly underrated!) and a good kick of chilli to release some endorphins. I love the versatility of eggs and my fancy food choices would be caviar and oysters. On the other hand, I absolutely detest dill, I don’t know what it is about it but it is my kryptonite!

Outside of food, I like to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep me happy and ensure I balance this out with enjoying my cheeseburgers, wings and waffles. I have a lot of energy, so I do a mix of cycling, swimming, boxing or I just hit the gym.

On days when I am not travelling or out and about, I also love getting up early at 5:45am. You would be surprised at how much you can get done between then and 7am.  Before the day starts, I get to enjoy some peaceful time to myself, watch the sunrise, which makes me happy and get through my emails without any distractions.

I have a simple routine after this. After waking up, I put the kettle on and pour myself a green tea, letting it steep whilst I jump in the shower, followed by breakfast usually consisting of porridge or eggs before heading off to a shoot or if I’m home, I tend to work on my recipes.

Even when I am travelling a lot, I try and get to bed by 11pm. Having a bedtime routine helps me wind down and instead of cleanse, tone and moisturise, mine tends to be exfoliate, moisturise and sleep. I use The Groovy Food Company Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a body and face moisturiser as it absorbs into the skin faster than lotions and keeps my skin smooth and supple whilst also being gentle on it.

I also make sure I am well hydrated throughout the day as it helps me sleep better and a good chamomile tea before bed keeps me happy and ready to go to sleep.

I think a key to being happy is trying not be restrictive – if you want to eat or do something, do it. Letting go and enjoying yourself without making yourself feel guilty is really important. Food and life is to be enjoyed and leading a balanced life can help you do just that.


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For a plant-based boast of natural omegas, try our organic Omega Cool Oil, a balance of naturally occurring omega 3, 6 & 9. A great supplement for those following a vegan diet.

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