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The Groovy Food Company Organic Date Syrup is a low GI natural sugar..

Date syrup is seeing a huge rise in popularity, despite the ingredient actually dating back thousands of years and being used by the Ancient Egyptians. We're seeing it pop up in lots of  Middle Eastern recipes which are tickling the taste buds of the Britsh consumer.  

This delicious, low-fat product can be used in cooking and baking, but is also ideal to include in daily life for drizzling over ice cream, porridge, yoghurt, pancakes or a fruit salad. It also tastes amazing paired with savoury bites: spread it on to a grilled cheese sandwiches, use as a marinade, or as a dressing on a fresh summer or winter salad.


Here at The Groovy Food Company we ethically sources all of our products from around the globe and our date syrup is no different, using the finest sun ripened organic dates, from UAE. This new product adds to our extensive range of over 40 products and helps continue build on our mission to get more people eating delicious healthy products every day.


In line with the rest of the range,  our date syrup is 100% raw and natural, has no additives or preservatives. It also has a lower glycemic index rating than other natural sweeteners and contains more fibre, which means it has less of a spiking effect on blood sugar levels.


There is lots of recipe inspiration on our website and you can grab a bottle from Tesco and Ocado, RRP £2.80 (340g). 

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