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SPOTLIGHT: Classroom Building in The Philippines

Find out more about our classroom building project

The Groovy Food Company was born out of finding the best quality natural ingredients. When we first set up the business, it was very important from the onset; that all the ingredients lovingly put into our products, were not only the highest quality but also sourced from sustainable supply chains throughout the world. This still stands today and is central to the way that we work.

We have worked hard to make this happen, and as part of our ongoing commitment have also been members of SEDEX for a number of years.  SEDEX is a global non profit membership organisation (www.sedexglobal.com) which shares responsible sourcing data on supply chains, to manage performance around labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.

We also work with the Soil Association to ensure, where possible, that as many of our products are accredited organic by the Soil Association.  This provides us with confidence that the best possible farming and agriculture methods have been adopted to produce our ingredients. For more information on the Soil Association please visit www.soilassociation.org

In addition to ensuring that we have an ethically sustainable supply chains in place. We are committed to giving back to the local communities on the ground. A great example of a recent project, is building a classroom in the Philippines. As many of you know, the Philippines is a third world country which is growing at a rapid rate.  However, there is a real divide between the rich and poor, also the major towns and small rural villages, which in general are less affluent and therefore do not have the best infrastructure to support the local communities that live in these rural regions. 

Although education is free in the Philippines, not all children are able to go for a number of reasons.  Some children live to far from a school, or they need to work to provide an extra income for their families. Or the classroom that they have is so dilapidated that it is unsafe to use.  

Although the government is working hard to try and rectify this, it is also working with charities to try speed this process up.  The Groovy Food Company has teamed up with a local charity in the Philippines; and worked with them to build and furnish a new classroom in one of the rural areas close to where we source our organic coconuts from.

We believe that all children should receive a free education, so they can try and make better futures for themselves and families through having an education. We hope that through this initiative we will be able to make a big difference and give these children an opportunity to live a more prosperous life.




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