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Back To School

Goodbye Summer, Hello September

With the summer holidays slipping away and going back to school around the corner, the liberating weeks of no homework, no after school clubs and no frantic school runs cease.

The constant chatter and laughter of your children echoing through the house, as they conjure up the most incredulous games, that make you laugh aloud will be missed. The new bonds that you have formed with your children in the space that has opened whilst they have been out of school, will close a little and will leave a small ounce of sadness in their wake, as you benchmark another passing year. Your thoughts, turn to how fast your children are growing up.

Interwoven, will be the small part of you which is relieved to get a bit more routine back in your life, being able pack away the playmobile which has spent the vast majority of the holidays strewn across your lounge floor.

However, the hectic schedules of navigating your children through the next school year also fills you with a very small ounce of dread – eek! How are the children feeling about going back to school? Are the school uniforms washed and ironed? Where are the book bags? Sports bag? Shoes polished? What’s for lunch and can you even think about dinner? Breakfast, yes breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

As a parent, there is so much to think about, we would love to hear from you with your top parenting hacks, any tips gratefully received. We’re also on the hunt for favourite family recipe ideas that we would love to share on our website to help inspire busy parents at mealtimes.

To get the ball rolling we have a great recipe for all those hungry kids to tuck into, try these delicious coconut and cranberry flapjacks.


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