Agave dark Agave nectar dark and rich

Rich & Dark Agave Nectar


Our rich & dark agave nectar is a smooth, maple-like syrup, which is delectably sweet, 100% organic and fat-free. Dark and tempting, it’s too good to resist.

As a rule of thumb, use this rich syrup whenever you would use brown sugar or maple syrup. It’s great on ice cream and in yoghurts and smoothies. You’ll also find it’s perfect for marinades, hot drinks, baking and even spread on a thick slice of freshly buttered toast. In fact, you’ll find more uses for it than we could list here … but that’s half the fun, finding out for yourself just how versatile it is!

What's more it has 25% less calories gram for gram, than refined sugar, also being 1.5 times sweeter.  So to achive the same sweetness 50% less calories are used.  With its naturally low GI, it provides slow and steady energy release, as opposed to refined sugars which can cause frantic high and exhausting lows.

Every bottle contains 30% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. 




100% Organic

Free from wheat

Free from gluten

Low GI

Vegetarian and vegan friendly


Typical Values per 100ml per 4.6g (1tsp)
Energy 1249 kJ 58kJ
Energy 298 kcal 14 kcal
Fat Nil Nil
—of which saturates Nil Nil
Carbohydrate 77.7g 3.6g
— of which sugars 66.1g 3.0g
Protein Nil Nil
Salt Nil Nil


100% organic agave nectar ... and that's it! 

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